Jaga jarak, ikut SOP

We wish to inform that one of Plaza Merdeka Management Office (located at Level 4) staff has tested positive for COVID 19 on the evening of November 5, 2020 (Thursday).

The said staff last entry to the office was on the morning of November 3 (Tuesday). On that same morning he found out that someone he recently had contact with was tested positive. Upon informing the HR, he was released from work to return home for testing and self-quarantining immediately.

Upon knowledge of his test result, we have been following and adhering to KKM instructions closely with the follow ups. All office staff has undergone swab tests and are now under quarantine. The batch of colleagues identified by KKM as close contacts to the said staff have all been tested negative based on first results.

The office at Level 4 as well as the entire premise has been thoroughly sanitized first thing this morning.

Plaza Merdeka has been diligent in sanitizing and doing our part in curbing the pandemic since MCO began in March. We conduct frequent cleaning in the entire premise and the office. For high contact points, sanitation is done every 2 hours, viral fogging is done every Tuesdays and Fridays since September.

With the permission of the authorities and standard SOP’s in place, Plaza Merdeka remains open.

Rest assure we will operate according to the advice and instructions of the relevant authorities, and we would like to show our appreciation particularly to KKM for their assistance since last evening, not forgetting all the frontliners who tested our staff and we are happy to render any further assistance to the authority particularly in terms of contact tracing . We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our tenants in carrying out their part of the sanitation and SOP duties.

Let’s work together to combat this pandemic. Stay safe
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P.S. we would like to re-iterate that the office at Level 4 is the office of the back-end staff; Accounts, HR, Leasing, A&P and so on. Frontline staff are housed in a separate office.

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